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Testimonials 2014:

Dan Scott (UK Singer and Songwriter)

October 2014

"I've enjoyed the sessions so far, and have learnt a lot from you. It's been great to have regular sessions to keep me well and truly on track, and also the guidance to make sure I am doing the right exercises correctly.

I particularly feel that I have gained significant strength in my shoulders and neck, after targeting those as my weaker areas.

Thank you so much Ged for your encouragement and expertise over the past few weeks".

Suzanne Collinson

October 2014

“Ged is an extremely knowledgable person and is fantastic at explaining complex theories in simple terms. I have had various personal trainers in the past who have had me balancing on bosu balls and lunging on stability discs and Ged’s approach couldn’t be farther from my previous experiences. He is hugely into good form and movement quality, and is the first trainer to have ever told me that “light weights and high reps” are exactly why most women never get the results they crave. I am now squatting with good form more weight than I have ever picked up in my life. As a result my lean percentage has increased by nearly 10%, my body fat has dropped by 8% and I feel better than I have ever done. I can now see why Ged is regarded as one of the top trainers in the country, I cannot thank you enough!"

Rich Foley (Solicitor)

October 2014

“What can I say about Ged Musto. Well for one, he is a fantastic trainer; incredibly bright with an immense knowledge of health and fitness; an expert in movement, strength training; and a warm, spontaneous personality that make workouts hard but surprisingly enjoyable. Ged has not only improved my overall conditioning but has also addressed many of the postural issues I was having due to my occupation. He’s a no nonsense trainer who tells it as it is. You certainly won’t get any smoke and mirror rubbish from Ged.”

Georgia Davies

July 2014

"My father who served within Special Forces had recommended Ged to train me. He had known Ged from many years back when serving overseas. Over the past three months I have noticed a significant difference in all aspects of fitness. I am much stronger, fitter, and ready to take on the world! Ged has pushed me in a way much different to the past trainers I have worked with. He is very knowledgeable, understanding, approachable, and his biggest assets are his dedication and motivation towards getting the best out of his clients. I would recommend Ged to anyone that requires that next step up the fitness ladder, by far he is head and shoulders above any other trainer within the county."

Kate Trussell (Managing Director)

July 2014

"I found Ged by googling local PT. I liked the look of Ged's old school training, and the fact he could come to me. I find if I train on my own. I don't push myself enough. Ged definitely pushes you to reach your goals, I tell him my problem areas and he works on them, my fitness has improved loads, my stamina, endurance and recovery rates have come on leaps and bounds. Ged has a very friendly and professional approach to training. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions and will continue to use Ged. Highly recommended."

Mrs L.S. (Company Director)

March 2014

"I took on Ged's services after hearing of his success with Phil Millichip back in 2012. My son had decided to join the Parachute Regiment, and with Ged being former Airborne Forces, I knew that he was the ideal trainer for him. Over just 12 sessions, Ged had got my son's BFT down from 10:03 to 8:36, his sit-ups has gone from 53 to 92 in 2 minutes, and his press-ups went from 58 to 95. His strength, stamina and endurance has all hugely improved. He is at his fittest ever, and with Ged's ongoing help and support has not suffered any illnesses or injuries. Ged is hard but extremely fair, and always gets the best out of his clients. Thank you ever so much again, and I for one will recommend him to anyone that wishes to get the best out of their training"

Alan Allmark (Follow Up from January 2014)

February 2014

"Further to my original post, I did another trial step test prior to my fitness

test scoring 51. So test day finally came 6 weeks after meeting Ged. Remembering that my original test result was 40 I would have been happy with a score of 42+ (basically a pass). Most fitness regimes can promise an increase of up 14% in VO2Max in 6 weeks under optimum conditions. That would equate to a score of 46 for my test. So the big question is what did I actually achieve? My score on test day was 58 VO2Max! And I quote the clinic nurse: 'that's one of the highest VO2 Max results we've seen'!

Many thanks to Ged Musto! This is a genuine fitness expert. Highly recommended!"

Alan Allmark

January 2014

"To anyone looking for a personal trainer, look no further. I have had nothing but the most positive experience in all aspects of my contact with Ged. I contacted Ged just before Christmas 2013 after seeing his career history on the web. I had one aim, to pass the Fire Brigade entrance fitness test. I should point out at this point that I'm a 41 year old. My VO2 max at the time was 40 (measured using the Chester step test), I needed to achieve 42. Ged agreed to take me as a client after we met for our first consultation. It was clear from the start that Ged was a genuinely nice, honest bloke with the skills and experience to move my fitness to the next level. The training regime that Ged has taken me through has been expertly planned and although it has been intense and challenging I have always looked forward to training because I found it so enjoyable. In the six weeks that I've trained with Ged my VO2 has gone up to 47.2! My Fire Brigade test is next Monday, I will add the result of the test to my testimonial, however I feel that whatever the result Ged has done his utmost to prepare me both mentally and physically and for that I sincerely thank him and commend him to you as a trainer!"