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''Ged has achieved and maintained an exceptional level of fitness, and coupled with a vast knowledge of training techniques he cannot fail to achieve results. If you're going to hire someone either personally or for your organisation you may as well hire the best!'' Pete Marston. 2011.

Check out Ged's New 1-1/Group  Price Structure

Session..(All prices are purely based on mileage and distance, and the session is on average between 60-75 mins max.)

SHROPSHIRE             £60 Upwards

HEREFORDSHIRE    £55 Upwards

POWYS                         £55 Upwards


BLAENAU GWENT   £40 Upwards

"To reserve a place, please contact Ged on 07403-696351 or e-mail me on [email protected]"


Block Bookings :                                                                           

5 Sessions - £180-280 +

10 Sessions - £360-560 +

Group Personal Fitness Sessions:                                              

2 Individuals £65-100 +

3 Individuals £90-135 +

4 Individuals £110-160 +

5 Upwards..... £125 +

Online Fitness Sessions: 

Online sessions will take place via Zoom or Skype. What you will get from Ged is someone who is passionate, determined and supportive. Whether you are here for a day or committed to years, Ged has exactly what you need. You choose a suitable time slot and let Ged do the rest, and in the process you will be acquiring the services of one of the very top worldwide fitness experts. For further information please contact via mobile 07403-696351 or visit the ask Ged page to the left of the screen.

Single Sessions :                                     

40 Minute Cardio Blaster £35

40 Minute Conditioning £35

Block Sessions :

6 For 5 Cardio Blaster Sessions   £175

12 For 10 Cardio Blasters              £350

6 For 5 Conditioning Sessions     £175

12 For 10 Conditioning Sessions £350

Team Session:..£100 - 300 (Depending on size of group)

Therapeutic Massage:

For full prices, please check out the Massage / Sports Therapy page.

Specialist Self-Defence Training...£40-60 (Single)

(Shotokan/Kempo Jiu-Jitsu £60-100 (2 people)

Krav Maga/Kyokushinkai) £75-120 (3 people)..

£100-150 (4 people)


This is entirely up to the individual, on average one to three sessions, up to a maximum of four to five per week.

What it includes:

Every aspect, including nutritional, supplementation and lifestyle support and advice. Structured training programmes and work sheets to follow when not with Ged.


Cash, Cheque, PayPal or Online Banking Transfer.

Cancellation policy:

24 hours notice is needed or the full session cost will be taken. In the case of cancelling remaining sessions, if a block is purchased beforehand then the cost of half the sessions remaining will come into effect if the reason is legitimate.

How to book a consultation:

The next step is to contact Ged to briefly discuss your goals, objectives and availability.

All photos copyright of Ged Musto ©