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Gallery 2010 Page 1 :

Private Surroundings, Herefordshire. 2010.

All photos copyright of Ged Musto ©

Click on the images to enlarge:

'This is Andrew and I, who I was first introduced to just over six months back, and the transformation in his overall Fitness has astonished me.

His mental toughness has impressed to an extent where our next big goal is to get him walking to the end of the cul-de-sac and back without crippling back pain. Phenominal guy and a great friend on top of that'.!!!

'This is one of me performing 'Tapotment' on Alison's back, normally I would use my massage table but there are occasions where you have to act on the spot, and a chair does the trick. By the way the redness is caused by constant rhythmical tapping which increases blood flow and brings fresh blood to the surface which is what the red signifies'.

'This is me applying effleurage on the area of Alison's left scapula, I am also transferring energy levels into the affected area and releasing the oils through the skin directly into the muscles. I use a mixture of soothing oils, mixed with a standard massage base oil. I use gloves as this creates a tremendous amount of heat, which creates far more than bare hands'.

'Yet another close up on the tapotment technique, my philosophy is simple 'Anyone can massage but you have to know the right areas to achieve overall and satisfying achievement'. Alison had a bad shoulder problem which restricted her movement, and like Andrew has ended up being a great friend and a pleasure to know'.

'A good shot of me performing a Sit-Up, it goes to show that you do not have to use a gym to do these exercises, the home can be used as your very own Multi-Gymnasium, all you need is the know how, and of course your own Personal Trainer'....

'I had a request from Andrew to perform a one handed Push-Up so I kindly obliged, the angle of the shot makes me look as though I haven't got any thighs, they are much bigger than this'.!!

One of me performing the one legged alternate leg raise, great for the abdominals, note the straightness in the lower spine, my philosophy is plain and very simple, look after your neck, back, knees, and feet...,protect these at all costs, think about your posture'...!!

'You can 'winalot' by using dog food as a substitute weight in your training... If you don't have weight to hand you can use numerous household objects to achieve a well toned body'...

All photos copyright of Ged Musto ©